Wednesday, December 24, 2008


"Hallo Possums!" As mirthfully minx-like and tongue-in-chic as her dazzling persona, Dame Edna's eponymous limited-edition colour collection reveals the wit of her makeup passions...Like our muse, it's "spectacular"!
Everyone is talking about the new MAC collection - DAME EDNA. This collection will be out Dec 26th.

Think bright bold purples, blues, pinks, and corals and that’s exactly what this collection is all about. The biggest controversy surrounding this collection is the packaging itself. It is “sticker-gate” all over again. The bright colorful glasses that you see adhered to the lip products are just that, stickers. Ugh!!

Now as disappointing as that may seem, the colors of the products more than make up for the packaging. So I for one am really excited about this collection. In addition, for those of us who have green eyes the blue and purple eye shadows will really make them “POP” and stand out! Oh my! Now don't forget to check out the face charts for this collection. They are located on the MAC website under the "looks" tab at the top of the page. So many wonderful ideas and uses for this collection I just can't stand it!!!

Let me know what you think... Here is a peak at what I got!

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