Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Make-up Meltdowns on!

I was going through my e-mails this morning and I came across this one from Urban Decay cosmetics advertising their latest product; their new setting sprays...

Hmmm, kinda reminds me of MAC Fix+ but with these you have three to choose from depending on your skin type. Yes, I'm intrigued and I sense a review coming soon on these too! I think a stop by my local Sephora store is in the works to see if they are carrying these products yet. What are your thoughts? Are you excited or is this another product to add to an already cluttered makeup counter. Leave a comment below telling me what you think. ♥

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So how long do you keep your makeup products? Do you label them with the purchase date so you can monitor if it is time to toss it out? I know that I am guilty of keeping stuff way past the expiration point. I give the products the old sniff and smell test and if it doesn't cause the gag reflex to kick in then I'm keeping it. I know, I know, that is totally unsanitary but I adore that beautiful one of a kind ______________ (fill in the blank with your favorite product) to death and I'll never be able to duplicate it!!!! How many times have you thought that or heard one of your friends say that exact same thing? Admit it, we have all at one time or another thought that. Well, you need to get past it, cause your health is a lot more important than your favorite beauty product that is starting to wreck havoc on your face and should have been tossed ages ago. Read on as the Stila Experts weigh in and guide you step by step on what to keep and how long is too long.

General Safety Measures
  • Wash your hands before putting on makeup to avoid the spread of bacteria.
  • Wash brushes once a week. See cleaning methods below.
  • Wash sponges once a week and discard monthly.
  • Don't share makeup.
  • For makeup items that you use on a daily basis, such as mascara, foundation, powder, and moisturizers, try and only open and use one at a time. Finish it completely before you open a new one.
  • If makeup begins to change color, smell, separate or look off, you should throw it out.
  • If you can't remember when you bought a piece of makeup, toss it.


Eye Shadow - recommended good for 12 months after opening

Cream Eye Shadow - recommended good for 12-18 months after opening

Pencil Eye Liner - recommended good for 12 months after opening

  • Includes Smudge Sticks, Kajal and Smudge Pots
  • Sharpen regularly to get rid of bacteria
  • Includes Convertible Eye Color, Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner
Liquid Eye Liner - recommended good for 6 months after opening

  • Includes Convertible Eye Color, Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner
  • Toss if it gets dry or starts to smell off
Mascara - recommended good for 6 months after opening

  • Toss if it gets dry or starts to smell off
  • Avoid over pumping your mascara as this allows air into the moist environment, creating a breeding ground for bacteria

  • If you get an eye infection, stop using makeup for at least two weeks and toss all of your eye makeup.


Lipstick - recommended good for 12-24 months after opening

  • Can store in refrigerator to extend life
  • Toss if it changes color or starts to smell off
  • Includes Long Wear Lip Color (12M)
Lip Liner - recommended good for 12 months after opening

  • Sharpen regularly to get rid of bacteria
Lip Gloss - recommended good for 12 months after opening

  • Includes Lip Glazes, Long Wear Liquid Lip Color, Lip Enamel
Lip Color - recommended good for 6 months after opening


  • Don't use lip products if you develop a cold sore. Toss out any products that have been used on a cold sore to prevent spreading.

Powder - recommended good for 36 months after opening

  • Includes Sheer Pressed Powder
  • Toss it if it changes color or begins to clump.
Oil-Free Liquid Foundation - recommended good for 24 months after opening

  • Includes Natural Finish Oil Free Makeup
Oil-Based Liquid Foundation - recommended good for 24 months after opening

  • Includes Illuminating Liquid Foundation
Compact Foundation - recommended good for 18 months after opening

  • Includes Illuminating Powder Foundation
One Step Foundation - lasts 6 months after opening

Foundation Tips:

  • Toss if changes color, separates, begins to smell off or dries up.
  • Foundations with pumps will last longer. If the foundation bottle requires you to dab your fingers in it, it should be replaced every 6-8 months.
  • Can store in refrigerator to extend life
Liquid Concealer - recommended good for 24 months after opening

  • toss if it changes color or separates. Also, wipe the applicator off after each use to prevent introducing bacteria into the tube
Stick Concealer - recommended good for 12 months after opening

  • For stick concealers, toss if it becomes dry and loses coverage. In general, stick concealers will last longer.
Powder Blush - recommended good for 12-24 months after opening

Powder Bronzer - recommended good for 12 months after opening

Cream Blush - recommended good for 6-12 months after opening

  • Includes Convertible Color, Prime Color (6M)
Cheek Stain - recommended good for 3 months after opening

  • Includes Stila Crushes
Tinted Moisturizer - refer to expiration date on the package

  • Includes Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer, Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer, Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer
  • Toss if changes color, separates, or begins to smell off.

  • There is not as high of risk of infection with face makeup products; however, face products will become less effective over time.
  • Try to avoid using your fingers to remove product from a container. Use a brush or spoon instead. This will help prevent bacteria from entering the product.

As mentioned above, proper and frequent cleaning of your makeup brushes will greatly reduce your risk of infections or irritations. Here are some general tips on how to clean your brushes (can be used on all Stila brushes):

  1. Use warm water to clean the brushes
  2. Apply either a small amount of mild shampoo, antibacterial soap or brush cleanser.
  3. Gently lather the brush and rinse under warm water until the water comes out clear and all makeup has been removed.
  4. Squeeze out the excess water in the brushes.
  5. Lay the brushes flat on a towel and allow them to air dry.

So do you have any tips for prolonging the life of your makeup that were not mentioned above? Leave a comment and share it with us! ♥

Friday, June 18, 2010

Get TWO Things for FREE - Shipping + Gift! Ends Saturday.

During lunch today, I will definitely be making a visit to my local ULTA store so I can pick up some of the Smashbox Naked Beauty items! For those girls, myself included, who shy away from the sun, these are the products to keep handy if you want to give your skin that bronzed glow without having to suffer outside in the hot sun to achieve it! Let me know; do you have any plans to hit up the ULTA store and if so what items do you have on your shopping list?

Be sure to use the following code at the bottom to get free shipping on any order over $25 or more:


Thursday, June 17, 2010

NEW Stila Travel Palettes- 4 Eye Shadows + Convertible Color for ONLY $10! ($65 Value)

stila travel girl palettes- road to radiance across the USA ($65 VALUE)

Introducing the limited edition Stila Girl Travel Palettes! Follow the five stila girls as they travel across the world and get five complete looks (launching each month through December).

The first of the series is Road to Radiance Across the USA inspired by Kyley's road trip across the US!

This cute, collectable palette includes:
Four Eye Shadows:
- Snow Bunny (shimmery champagne)
- Southern Belle (mauve)
- Valley Girl (pink)
- City Chick (alloy)
Convertible Color:
- Hibiscus

Each palette is ONLY $10, a $65 VALUE! Collect all Five (check back next month for the new palette!)
Be one of the FIRST to get it on!

Overnight Shipping Upgrade - Delight Dads and Celebrate Grads

What a great gift for Dads & Grads alike! Surprise them with a yummy box of Godiva Chocolates to celebrate any occasion.  Be sure to pick up an extra box for yourself; I know that I am!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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M·A·C Splurge or Steal? 
Splurge on some of these M·A·C favourites and enjoy their multi-tasking, long-wearing, time-saving, face-changing benefits. 

Surprise, they're actually a steal! Invest in these now for big returns - all under $25:  

Paint Pot $16.50 Super highly pigmented, this eye colour has long-wearing and colour fast attributes. Double up under eye shadows for true staying power - no smearing or re-touching needed!  
Pigment $19.50 One pot of this M·A·C favourite will last you an age! A little goes a looong way for this rainbow of loose powders, plus it doesn't streak or cake.  
Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo $19.50 Do double duty with these duo's by using them wet or dry - go sheer when dry and then amp up the colour with a wet brush. Don't forget you're also getting 2 coordinating colours in one pan!  
Penultimate Eye Liner $16.50 A liquid, pen-style liner in a rich, deep, carbon-black shade - only one stroke required. Super long-lasting, its been proven to wear for up to 12 hours.  
Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour $21.00 This rich, lustrous, moisturizing 2-in-1 lipstick/topcoat doesn't smudge, run, transfer or feather - and provides up to eight hours of transfer-free wear. Replacement top coats are also available at a steal!  
Prep + Prime Line Filler $19.50 An anti-aging ally: a primer you can use post Foundation to relax lines and wrinkles. Plus who needs a face lift when in tests 78% of panelists saw increased firmness and 83% saw visible lifting of the skin. 

Enjoy them all with a true steal from M·A·C...FREE Overnight Shipping TODAY ONLY!

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