Monday, January 12, 2009


I finally made it to my local MAC counter to check out the new Brunette Blonde Redhead collection and I'm sad to say it did not live up to all the hype! I was so psyched for this collection...

What I was most disappointed with were the eye shadows. Several of them were not very pigmented and the rest I could easily find dupes for. That being said there was only one eyeshadow from this collection that really caught my eye and I might even consider it to be a "must buy", which was Flip. It is a wonderful golden yellow color and although I have many yellows in my collection this is definitely a unique color. The rest of the shadows were okay but I will wait and purchase them later when they are at my local CCO. No sense in paying full price for a poor quality product when I can get it cheaper.

One other item that I did buy from this collection was a lipglass in Red Devil. I was really impressed with this color because it was so bold and bright that I just had to have it. I don't own very many "bright" lip products so I thought this would be a welcome change to the norm! The other lipglasses were nice but once again I found many dupes for these as well so I passed on the rest of them.

Another product from this collection that everyone is so excited about are the MSF. They are really nice and they have great color payoff but they are not for me... All that shimmer is just to much for my complexion and skin tone.

Now on to the best part of this collection, the BRUSHES!!! I L-O-V-E the brushes from this collection - they are AWESOME... so much so that I bought all three of them! In my opinion the brushes were the best part of this collection! I have found so many uses for them that I feel like it is money well spent for them. I really do enjoy them especially the 226 brush. I have plans of buying another one next week.

I have great hope that the MAC collections will get better as the year progresses but we shall see. Well that is all for now...

Sunday, January 4, 2009


To each their own. Three dramatically different personalities, three perfectly-personalized palettes. Eyes, cheeks, lips, formulated to be coiffeur-complementary. Bombshell or bookworm, no matter. Colour-coordination: this comprehensive makes it work! Designed to play-up the most potent and powerful accessory a girl has: her hair. The complete opposite of contrivance - this is simplicity itself. So basic it’s brilliant!
January 8th the BBR collections debuts - that's the Blonde Brunette Redhead collection from MAC. There are so many items that I want from this collection that I'm considering purchasing them all. Yeah, I know that IS a lot of money but I have been saving for this collection for quite some time now. I'm pretty sure my wallet won't scream to much! LOL

There is no question that I'm getting all the eye shadows and I'm definitely getting the new MAC brushes. I can't wait to try them out... I hope to get all the lipglasses from this collection as well as the lipsticks.

Although I will probably B2M for the lipsticks just to save a little extra cash.  

 Lipstick: (LE) - $14.00USD  

  • Chignon – Red plum (glaze)
  • What a 'Do! – Neutral pink coral (frost)
  • B-Babe – Rich pink (frost)
  • All’s Fair – Light purple pink (lustre)
  • Marquise d’ – Sandy cream peach (lustre) (Repromote from Antiquitease: Royal Assets Coral Lip Palette)
  • Blow Dry – Pink coral (frost)
Lipglass: (LE) - $14.00USD  

  • Quick Tease – Red purple
  • Soft Wave – Tan bronze
  • Strawberry Blonde - Deep red pink
  • Peroxide – White pink
  • Live and Dye – Cool pink
  • Red Devil – Coral orange
Eye Shadow (LE) $14.50USD  

  • Deep Shade – Dusty blue (frost)
  • Henna – Dark gold (veluxe pearl)
  • Femme-Fi – Frosty golden cream (veluxe pearl) (Repromote from Neo Sci Fi)
  • Pincurl – Dusty white (frost)
  • Knight – Dark grey (veluxe pearl) (Repromote from Antiquitease: Royal Assets Smokey Palette)
  • Top Knot – Deep black purple (velvet)
  • Flip – Bronze gold (frost)
  • French Cuff – Burgundy purple (lustre) (Repromote from Tailor Made)
  • 100 Strokes – Ice pink (frost)
Brow Set (Permanent repromotes) $13.50USD
  • Show Off (Brunette) – Full-bodied brown
  • Clear (Blonde) – Colour free
  • Girl Boy (Redhead) – Fawned over blondette
Eye Kohl (Permanent repromotes) $14.50USD
  • Smolder (Brunette) – Intense black
  • Phone Number (Blonde) – Smudgy charcoal
  • Teddy (Redhead) – Dark-eyed bronze
Mineralize Skinfinish (LE) $28.00USD (Each has four stripes of colors)
  • Brunette - Soft coral to copper bronze degrade
  • Blonde - Soft pink to rose degrade
  • Redhead - Gold to salmon degrade
  • #165 - Tapered cheek, highlight brush (LE) $34.00USD
  • #226 – Small tapered blending brush(LE) $24.50USD
  • #214 - Short shader brush (LE for counters, but will become permanent at MAC stores) $23.00USD

Check back for pics of my haul so you can see what I get from this dreamy collection!!

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