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I swatched the eyeshadows from left to right and then followed next was the bottom row which was swatched from left to right as well.

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post I just happened across the Auda[City] Lancome eyeshadow palette quite by accident. I was placing an online order for something else on the Lancome website when I saw a pic of this palette. I was like, "that is a really nice palette" and once I read it was "designed by Lisa Eldridge", I was like "sold - THAT PALETTE WILL BE MINE"! I know, I know, this year has been THE YEAR of the palettes! YSL, Urban Decay, Dior just to name a few, all have released rather large palettes. So the question I keep getting is - Do I really NEED this palette? YES!!! Yes, you really do NEED this palette.

I LOVE all the colors included in this palette. It's as if someone read my mind and built this palette based on all of my favorite eyeshadow colors. The most perfect combination of light and dark shadows which will allow me to create the perfect daytime or nighttime look. With this palette there's no need to haul around several different palettes. OMG, I LOVE IT!

The shadows in the palette are extremely pigmented and blend so easily. They are soft to the touch but not so soft that they will crease, crumble or have any crazy fallout. In that respect they have a kind of dry texture. When you first use the shadows all you really need to do is lightly tap, tap, tap your eyeshadow brush into the shadow to pick up a good bit of product. Then you will lightly tap, tap, tap the eyeshadow onto your lid or crease. These are super pigmented eyeshadows so it doesn't take much to really overdo it. I know I did the first time I tried using the palette and ended up with a muddled mess on my eyes. So I started over and below is a natural look I created. 

Now, typically I don't use eyeshadows to line my eyes but I thought I would give it a go. It was actually easier than I thought it would be especially when using any of the last four shades on the right of the palette. Those lined my eyes beautifully and were the perfect colors to line the eyes. Although I did go back in and use a touch of the purple eyeshadow to line the top middle of my lids. Just to add a bit of drama and to make my green eyes "POP" a bit more.

Now if I had to dislike or gripe about anything with this palette it would be the dual-end makeup brush that is included. I wasn't able to use it because it was rough and scratchy to my eyes. Clearly it wasn't the best quality although everything else was perfection!

AUDA[CITY] IN PARIS eyeshadow palette - $68.00 USD

Shades include:

Filigree (light gold shimmer)
Choquette (peach matte)
Parfait (light pink matte)
Kitten Heel (gold copper shimmer)
Joie (golden-bronze shimmer)
Voyage (muted purple matte)
Sante (brown matte)
Éclair (purple metallic)
Exhibition (orchid shimmer)
Zip Me Up (deep [purple shimmer)
Volcano (silvery gray shimmer)
Clock Strikes 12 (gray metallic)
Audacious (smoky brown shimmer)
Couture (dark brown matte)
It List (black matte)
Nuit (black metallic)

Includes Dual Ended Brush

(0.45 oz.)

Available online: NordstromLancome, Ulta and Macy's


Cosmetopia Digest said...

Thank you for sharing this review. I ordered it straight off the bat and then read some terribly negative reviews and regretting spending all that money (while waiting for my palette to arrive next week). Thankfully, I can see it is definitely working well for you. Hopefully I'll LOVE it too and won't have to palm it off on my Mum or sis!


Thank you Remu for your kind words. I've seen mixed reviews for the palette as well. Personally I love it and hopefully you will too.

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