Friday, April 25, 2014


Prada Candy Florale will be launching in May. For those who can't wait Sephora already has this fragrance available online (check out the link below). I believe this is the third fragrance from the Prada Candy line to be released and so far it has already garnered mixed reviews. Many are unhappy with the release of another floral fragrance in what is already described as an overabundance of floral scents - been there done that multiple times over. Now while you may feel the same way, personally I love floral scents and I am super excited to purchase it.

Here is the link: PRADA CANDY FLORALE

PRADA Candy Floral currently retails for $68.00 USD for 1.7 oz and $88.00 USD for 2.7 oz. It contains notes of: Sparkling Cedrat, Bouquet Of Cosmos, Benzoin, Caramel, White Musk.

Candy declares her love for flowers. She takes on a new flirtatious game, where sensuality is pushed to the fullest. The delicately sweet smell of Candy meets a new, refined bouquet of sparkling cedrat (a fragrant citrus fruit - "Persian Apple") and blooming cosmos that intermingle with her elegant softness. Candy is blossoming.


I purchased the Too Faced Sweethearts baked blush in Candy Glow during the Sephora 15% off period. Candy Glow was one of those blushes that I kept looking at online and adding it to my cart but I would never purchase it. I think I was hesitant because it looked so bright in pics and I had heard it was a sparkle-mess. While it does contain its fair share of sparkle I am happy to say it is more a shimmery glow when applied to the face which is quite nice.

Candy Glow is a heart shaped tricolored blush with shades of peaches and pinks (rose pink shimmer / soft coral pink / peachy pink shimmer). The three shades can be used together or separately to create a flush on your cheeks or to highlight the face. Candy Glow is quite pigmented with build-able color that applies easily with a wear time of about six hours. It is quite powdery so it will show up best when it is used over top of your foundation. The Too Faced Sweethearts blush currently retails for $30.00 USD and it contains .19 oz of product. It can be purchased in store or online at Sephora and Ulta.


An illuminating powder with two contrasting rosy beige and copper shades that perfectly sculpt the face with a sheer, luminous finish. An exclusive creation embossed with a precious lace motif that Gabrielle Chanel particularly loved. This delicate powder offers an adjustable satiny result with its beveled brush applicator.

DENTELLE PRÉCIEUSE illuminating powder - $80.00 USD (limited edition)

A subtly iridescent and evanescent powder texture for an instant beautifying effect.

Illuminate the complexion and structure the face by sweeping a small amount of DENTELLE PRÉCIEUSE illuminating powder on the top of cheekbones and the brow bone.

Now Available exclusively at - Chanel at Covent Garden, Chanel Boutiques, House of Fraser Glasgow, Fenwicks Newcastle, Selfridges Manchester Exchange and Selfridges W1

This will be offered as a Nordstrom Exclusive during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I love Allure magazine and I have subscribed to them for many years. I am also an Allure Beauty Enthusiast member and have been for quite some time as well. Now it doesn't cost anything to become a member and it doesn't require a magazine subscription either. Although if you are not subscribed to them you are really missing out on one of the best magazines available. Especially if you love fashion and makeup trends!

Sign up here to become an Allure Beauty Enthusiast - it's free to join.

Another added benefit to becoming a member are the special offers and discounts. One such offer granted earlier this month, Allure reached out to their Beauty Enthusiasts allowing them an exclusive pre-sale offer for all three 2014 beauty boxes. The total cost (I believe shipping was included) was 199.95 USD and the deadline was April 22nd to make a purchase. So no waiting, no watching the clock for the sale, and no missing out on the beauty boxes! 

The information listed above and below is to be used only as a guide. I do not work for Allure nor am I affiliated with them. I am posting information based solely on my own personal experience of purchasing the Allure Beauty Boxes since May 2011. Hopefully what I post will help make your experience less stressful and more enjoyable. 

Every year I purchase the Allure Beauty Boxes (I believe these were first available in May 2011) and YES they are available multiple times a year (there will be 3 for 2014) for purchase. They typically range in price from as low as $29.99 USD for the Allure Winter Holiday beauty box up to $39.99 USD for the regular Allure Beauty Box (prices are subject to change). This year the cost will be $44.95 for the Summer Beauty Box. The cost does not include shipping and handling charges which do apply and they are about $10.00 USD plus sales tax (depending on your state).


1. The link to purchase the Allure Beauty Box when it becomes active will be an image similar to the pic at the top of this post. You must click on the image and it will take you to the order form. If you encounter another image asking if you want to make a purchase then click on the image again. This order process varies from time to time depending on how Allure sets up the website / web page. With previous sales Allure allowed you to log in to the website and then proceed from there. However this year it looks like they will just update the site with the image when it is time for the sale to start. Be sure to fill out the order form as quickly as possible and have your credit card information ready as well. The Allure Beauty boxes sell out quickly...I mean within minutes and poof "sold out"!

2. In the past people have experienced dead links, or unable to load page, or other similar issues with the Beauty Box link that Allure posts on their webpage and on Facebook. If that happens for you then please use this link: (see new link below). It is a direct link that allows you to purchase the Beauty Boxes or any other products, contests, etc. that are sponsored by Allure. If Allure changes the link this year I will post the new link below.

3. In the past - I'm not sure if this is true for all - according to others who commented on Allure's Facebook page if you use a web browser other than Firefox you may experience difficulties accessing the site. Personally I have always been able to access it just fine but then again I use Firefox as my web browser.

I'll be sure to update this post with the link should it change once it has become active. The link for the beauty boxes will be active until all quantities have been sold. So when the sale first starts you may experience some slow down with the web page but it quickly passes. However, if the link quits working or fails to load then you know the beauty boxes are probably sold out. In the past it has taken 24-48 hours to sell out but the Summer Beauty Box took less than 10 minute and the Fall Beauty Box sold out in less than five so you might want to jump on this ASAP.

The Allure Beauty Box will be available at 12:01 PM Eastern time on April 29th, 2014. Once again - Should the time or link change I will update you ASAP. Here is the link below to make a purchase when they become available:

Allure Beauty Box Allure Access

or try this link: 

here is another link to try:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


These, the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow multi-colour powders in No 01 and No 02, were just delivered to me late last night. I played around with them some last night before I went to bed and today I am off from work so I can really see how they perform. Each currently retails for $65 USD and contains .39 oz of product. They are part of the Les Beiges Summer collection and are available on the website and I have seen them in store at Nordstrom as well.

Read more about the entire collection here: CHANEL LES BEIGES COLLECTION SUMMER 2014


Both Les Beiges powders are marketed as a dual sunscreen protector with an SPF 15 and as a highlight, contour, bronzer or blush. The powder is to be applied before going out in the sun and then reapplied every two hours. It is not safe for the eyes and must be kept out of reach of children as directed - this is especially true when using most any sunscreen protection product. 

The Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour in No 02 is a tricolored collection of warm browns. The top color is a warm tan with miniscule flecks of sparkle, the middle shade is a muted brown with hints of peach and the bottom shade is a burnt brownish orange. All three shades housed in the compact have a buttery smooth texture and great pigmentation but this one gave me the most trouble. It is extremely powdery and was the messiest of the two. Yes, I would still repurchase it because as a whole this works really well for me even though the individual colors when worn alone are a bit much. These are definitely a splurge-worthy purchase.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


These, the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow multi-colour powders in No 01 and No 02, were just delivered to me late last night. I played around with them some before I went to bed and so far I am liking them a lot. Each currently retails for $65 USD and contains .39 oz of product. They are part of the Les Beiges Summer collection and are available on the website and I have seen them in store at Nordstrom as well. You can read more about the entire collection here: CHANEL LES BEIGES COLLECTION SUMMER 2014

The Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour in No 01 is a tricolored collection of soft peaches. The top color is a sparkle-y warm vanilla, the second color is a golden peach and the bottom color is a warm peach with a hint of pink. The formula is a little powdery but each strip of color housed in the compact is nicely pigmented and the compact itself is large enough each color can be used separately or altogether. Included inside each compact, is a flat fan shaped brush when used in a swirling motion, gives the best results especially when trying to achieve an all-over highlight, contour, or bronzed look. Just take care when exerting pressure with the enclosed brush, mine started to shed a little.

Even though a lot of you may think this compact is way too light for your skintone the No 01 compact is really versatile. Many can wear it as a highlight, contour, or even a blush. For those who are really pale like myself, the No 01 compact is perfect for warming up the entire face with a nice flush of color. Or, depending on the intensity, it can be used to soften up the features as well. So if you are unsure it will work for you, then I suggest a visit to your local Chanel counter or nearest department store that carries Chanel. That way you can check it out in person to see how truly amazing these powders perform. You might be surprised at how well the No 01 compact works for just about everybody.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


The My Lady blush in 002 is embossed with Dior's iconic Cannage pattern and is housed in a hefty silver compact. This compact definitely has some weight to it and features a magnetic closure with a portable kabuki brush included alongside the compact. The blush itself is exclusive to Saks and is described as a "feel-good pink harmony" that is supposed to catch the light "proclaiming the radiance of the face". It does have a slight perfume-y scent that isn't overwhelming but quite subtle and understated. To be totally honest, this blush was very powdery and didn't have much pigmentation. It showed up as a very light pink shimmer blush with a few sparkles and not much else. For $60 I was beyond upset because I expected more; I mean $60 dollars worth of AWESOME is what I wanted. When swatched separately each of the shades has somewhat acceptable pigmentation but trying to get a blended combination of them all doesn't really offer up much color. In my opinion this works better as a all-over highlight more so than a blush so if you don't mind the cost then go for it. For others on a budget, skip this - cause there are better products at cheaper price points.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This innovative, versatile makeup gives you the freedom to show your glow for any season, any occasion. The sheer, natural powder can be worn alone or over foundation, while a new multi-shade palette offers healthy colour with an effortless touch. Enhance, brighten or bronze and create your customized look.

Chanel Les Beiges Collection Summer 2014

Available May 5, 2014 at select department store counters
U.S. Launch Date – mid May 2014

Les Beiges / Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen – $65.00 USD (These are already available at select counters!)

Lightweight, multi-stripe powder offers a palette of effortless effects. Acts as a highlighter, sculpting powder, bronzer and blush — all with a sheer, natural finish and broad-spectrum sun protection.

N°01 (Limited Edition)

N°02 (Limited Edition)

Les Beiges / Healthy Glow Hydrating Lip Balm – $35.00 USD
(Chanel may not release the lip balms this year or could possibly be exclusive to the US only) 

N°10 - Fresh Violine (Limited Edition)
N°20 - Pink (Limited Edition)
N°30 - Cherry Red (Limited Edition) 

Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush - $70.00 USD

The ideal accessory for a natural glow, this retractable makeup brush caresses the face with soft, soothing bristles while delivering a smooth and polished result. Perfectly portable, the synthetic-fiber brush adds allover colour or simplifies touch-ups on the go. (Currently available on the Chanel website)

Les Beiges/ All-In-One Healthy Glow Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen – $45.00 USD (These may not be released until late May)


Les Beiges / Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen – $57.50 USD

N°10 (Repromote)

N°20 (Repromote)

N°30 (Repromote)

N°40 (Repromote)

N°50 (Repromote)

N°60 (Repromote)

N°70 (Repromote)

Monday, April 14, 2014


The Burberry Rose Pink No.10 Complete Eye Palette is a neutral pink palette. This beautiful eyeshadow palette is part of the Burberry Spring and Summer 2014 collection and is currently available at Nordstrom and on the Burberry website. Typically the Burberry complete eye palettes contain four eyeshadows - an illuminating base, two blendable shades and a liner. The eyeshadow palette is housed in a velvet pouch with three miniature applicators - an eyeshadow brush, a sponge tipped applicator and an eyeliner brush. It currently retails for $59.00 USD and it contains 0.19 oz of product.

The shades in the Rose Pink palette are: (starting at the top right corner) a pale creamy vanilla frost with a slight sheen and pink undertones. It is somewhat sheer but buildable. The next shade is a neutral creamy pale pink frost with a slight sheen. This shade wasn't as sheer as the one above and was almost opaque with one application. The third shade is a cool toned satin taupe that is quite sheer. It wasn't as pigmented as I had hoped but when applied wet it seemed to enhance the color. The last shade is a warm toned pink with a slight shimmer. This color was more pigmented than the others and was easier to work with.

This is the first Burberry palette I have ever purchased from this brand and it seems to be working out quite well. The eyeshadows are a little more shimmery  than what I had expected but they are still manageable. One thing I have noticed with the Burberry brand is that the majority of their products are warm toned but this palette is the exception. It is a beautiful neutral palette that is sure to work for everyone. 


The Chanel 2014 Summer collection will be launching soon. Want to be one of the first to know when its available on the Chanel website then get on the waitlist here: REFLETS D’ÉTÉ DE CHANEL SUMMER 2014 collection

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