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I love Allure magazine and I have subscribed to them for many years. I am also an Allure Beauty Enthusiast member and have been for quite some time as well. Now it doesn't cost anything to become a member and it doesn't require a magazine subscription either. Although if you are not subscribed to them you are really missing out on one of the best magazines available. Especially if you love fashion and makeup trends!

Sign up here to become an Allure Beauty Enthusiast - it's free to join.

Another added benefit to becoming a member are the special offers and discounts. One such offer granted earlier this month, Allure reached out to their Beauty Enthusiasts allowing them an exclusive pre-sale offer for all three 2014 beauty boxes. The total cost (I believe shipping was included) was 199.95 USD and the deadline was April 22nd to make a purchase. So no waiting, no watching the clock for the sale, and no missing out on the beauty boxes! 

The information listed above and below is to be used only as a guide. I do not work for Allure nor am I affiliated with them. I am posting information based solely on my own personal experience of purchasing the Allure Beauty Boxes since May 2011. Hopefully what I post will help make your experience less stressful and more enjoyable. 

Every year I purchase the Allure Beauty Boxes (I believe these were first available in May 2011) and YES they are available multiple times a year (there will be 3 for 2014) for purchase. They typically range in price from as low as $29.99 USD for the Allure Winter Holiday beauty box up to $39.99 USD for the regular Allure Beauty Box (prices are subject to change). This year the cost will be $44.95 for the Summer Beauty Box. The cost does not include shipping and handling charges which do apply and they are about $10.00 USD plus sales tax (depending on your state).


1. The link to purchase the Allure Beauty Box when it becomes active will be an image similar to the pic at the top of this post. You must click on the image and it will take you to the order form. If you encounter another image asking if you want to make a purchase then click on the image again. This order process varies from time to time depending on how Allure sets up the website / web page. With previous sales Allure allowed you to log in to the website and then proceed from there. However this year it looks like they will just update the site with the image when it is time for the sale to start. Be sure to fill out the order form as quickly as possible and have your credit card information ready as well. The Allure Beauty boxes sell out quickly...I mean within minutes and poof "sold out"!

2. In the past people have experienced dead links, or unable to load page, or other similar issues with the Beauty Box link that Allure posts on their webpage and on Facebook. If that happens for you then please use this link: (see new link below). It is a direct link that allows you to purchase the Beauty Boxes or any other products, contests, etc. that are sponsored by Allure. If Allure changes the link this year I will post the new link below.

3. In the past - I'm not sure if this is true for all - according to others who commented on Allure's Facebook page if you use a web browser other than Firefox you may experience difficulties accessing the site. Personally I have always been able to access it just fine but then again I use Firefox as my web browser.

I'll be sure to update this post with the link should it change once it has become active. The link for the beauty boxes will be active until all quantities have been sold. So when the sale first starts you may experience some slow down with the web page but it quickly passes. However, if the link quits working or fails to load then you know the beauty boxes are probably sold out. In the past it has taken 24-48 hours to sell out but the Summer Beauty Box took less than 10 minute and the Fall Beauty Box sold out in less than five so you might want to jump on this ASAP.

The Allure Beauty Box will be available at 12:01 PM Eastern time on April 29th, 2014. Once again - Should the time or link change I will update you ASAP. Here is the link below to make a purchase when they become available:

Allure Beauty Box Allure Access

or try this link: 

here is another link to try:

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