Monday, January 4, 2010


Inside a hidden drawer lies 16 best-selling eyeshadows, with names like White Rabbit, Jabberwocky, and Oraculum. A travel-size Primer Potion and two 24/7 Eye Pencils are also included.

UPDATE: This will be available January 15th!!!

Right now if you Google Urban Decay and Alice In Wonderland you would find a ton of blogs discussing the upcoming debut of Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows palette. It gathers its inspiration from the upcoming release of Tim Burton's adaptation of the Alice In Wonderland movie. This item is sure to be on every girl's most coveted list and according to my sources it will be available on the Urban Decay website as early as JANUARY 15TH.

Please note that it was previously reported Sephora would debut the palette first on December 28th but that has changed and at this time the palette will only be available on the Urban Decay website. However, if that changes I will let you, My Dear Readers, know right away! So be sure to subscribe or follow me on my blog to be notified of when it is officially available on their website. Or just click on the link below to be notified via the Urban Decay website. **If the link does not work then copy & paste it in your browser window to be taken to the website to sign up!

Everything you need to know about Alice is coming!

If the above promo pics were not enough to whet your appetite here are some more photos to make you drool for this even more...LOL!

Happy Shopping!!!

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