Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I love purses and for me buying a purse is as important as if I were buying a car.

When I find "the BAG" or a particular style that I like, then I take my time and shop around. I check prices on the internet, at department stores, and I check the sale ads as well. All in the hopes that I can get the best deal possible. Especially if the purse is a little on the expensive side. I don't always have a particular color in mind, but ease of use is always at the top of my list. How well does it carry, does it allow easy access if I am in a rush, and how much stuff can it hold are just a few of the questions I ponder over when trying to find the perfect bag.

Which brings me to my latest purchase my new Coach purse.

I had been lemming for the Carly style bag but once I had seen it I realized that it was way to small and not very practical. So I spent several hours and several different stores later I found this one and I instantly fell in love with it. I love the lilac satin interior of the bag, and I like how roomy it is. It expands easily as you add items inside it and I love the leather trim and detailing of the outside of the bag as well. Overall I am really pleased with this purchase! But before I go I will let you in on a little secret....The major selling point for me was the price. I only paid about $120 for the purse. I got such a sweet deal on this purse that I was able to also get a wallet to go with the purse.

Here are two pics of the wallet that I purchased:

 And yes, I got an excellent deal on the wallet too! I'm all about getting the best price possible!!!

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