Thursday, February 21, 2013


SELENA is an unusual nail polish shade that is so beautiful. At first glance I thought this shade wasn't very appealing. It seemed a little too dark and bold for it to be classified as a spring or summer mossy green nail polish. It has a darkness, a dark mustard undertone, that lends itself to this polish that makes this more of a fall / winter color. The texture and consistency of the polish was somewhat gel-like that it applied easily with just one coat. I did have to give it extra time to dry though. This polish wore better than some of Julep's other polishes with a wear time of almost a week. This is fantastic seeing as how most nail polishes, no matter the brand, will start to chip after the second or third day of wear.

Julep nailpolishes are available for purchase on the website, at your local Sephora store, and online at

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