Thursday, March 7, 2013


The focus of the Fall 2012 collection was the cream-to-powder formula eyeshadows (you can read more about this past collection here). These shadows deliver long-lasting sheer and shimmer effects and are exquisitely soft and long wearing. They come in vibrant hues, from warm peach to emphatic black.

OMBRE ESSENTIELLE SOFT TOUCH EYESHADOW in 93 COMPLICE was my favorite of the seven eyeshadows which debuted this past Fall. Just like the description says, these shadows are buttery soft and they last a good solid eight hours of wear time with minimal fading. I did experience some minor creasing but it wasn't very noticeable. Complice is described as a warm shimmery peach with some minor pink undertones. It has lots of shimmer flecks but none of the glitter you'd typically see in an eyeshadow like this.

These single eyeshadows are currently priced at $28.50 for .05 fl. oz.

For those of you who reminded me, YES, I know the Fall collection IS a thing of the past but Complice is definitely one of those shadows to be remembered and here's why...

A few weeks ago I received my March Allure mag (magazine). I started flipping through the pages, marking it up with little handwritten notes and bookmarking pages of looks I might want to recreate. Later on when I had more time, I went back through with my makeup journal (more about that later) and jotted down the items used by the makeup artists. One of the looks that I loved so much was of a beach scene where the model was wearing bright lips and very little on the eyes. What she did have on her eyes though seemed to jump out at you from the page. It was such a beautiful look and I knew I was going to make it one of my signature looks for the summer. So I checked the list of products used and I was pleasantly surprised to see CHANEL's soft touch eyeshadow in Complice listed as the main eyeshadow used to create the look. This definitely caused me to have a renewed interest in it all over again and it reaffirms how wonderfully beautiful Complice really is. If you don't have this eyeshadow you should definitely include it on your "MUST HAVE" eyeshadow products for 2013.

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