Sunday, January 25, 2015


Look, touch, blend, layer, create. 4 GORGEOUS SHADES ALONE, 1 STUNNING AND MODERN HARMONY TOGETHER. Before our very eyes, elegant and modern meet. Let each Quatuor take you from casual to sophisticated makeup in one stroke.

Prisme Quatuor is an essential tool for perfect eye makeup with a texture developed to provide even greater comfort and performance. The amazing softness of a velvety feel, formulated from a blend of film-forming resin and a new breed of polymers that is creamy to the touch and workable. Discover the purity of color with immediate intense pay-off, and the extreme staying power with no makeup transfer. Each REJUVINATED shade is stunning, each color combination sheer enhancement.

01 Caresse - a natural, nude finish harmony, perfect for casual and chic makeup. Mostly satiny mat, with a touch of glitter for a slight shimmer when desired.

02 Ecume - a contrasted and sophisticated harmony. Intense colors and different sizes of mother-of-pearl for a made-to-measure result. Blue Jeans, dark marine, deep violet) and grey colored shimmering white.

03 Inattendue - a very particular harmony, with a touch of eye-catching pink, large mother-of-pearl and very soft muted colors for a very chic and shimmering result.

04 Impertinence - a harmony inspired by Parisian rooftop colors and reflections. Silver and Gold patina tones, black and white - contrast for a definitely couture look.

05 Frisson - a very soft and reassuring harmony. Grey colored blue, soft grey. A mat light pink for radiance and a touch of glitter in a chic camel beige.

06 Confidence - A natural, nude finish harmony, perfect for casual and chic makeup. Mostly satiny mat, with a touch of a bronze patina shade for more density and shimmer.

07 Tentation - a harmony of muted khaki and pink tones, mostly mat, combined with a deep black purple and shining beige for contrast and light.

08 Braise - an original harmony inspired by ember tones: deep sooty black, gold, velvet red black and mirror reflection orange. A stunning combination of intensities and colors.

09 Delicate - (US exclusive) a matte harmony with rich neutral tones: deep cocoa, warm caramel, soft café and delicate bone that blend together to take you from day to night with effortlessly.

Availability: Barneys and Sephora
Price: $58.00 USD

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