Monday, February 23, 2015


I recently purchased several more of the Make Up For Ever Artist shadows from Sephora. There is a current discounted pricing structure in place when purchasing more than one but if purchased separately they each retail for $21.00 USD. Over the next few weeks I will try to post swatches and a brief review for each one. Basically though, the formula, pigmentation, texture and over-all performance has been top-notch. The best of the best and I have yet to find a single "dud". The only gripe I have with them is: availability and storage. To be honest it has nothing to do with the quality of the eyeshadow but more about Sephora stores and their website. I'll explain more in depth below...

M536 Milk Tea is a matte medium tan eyeshadow. I plan on using it as an eyeshadow base for my lid or as an inner corner shade.

Availability: The more popular eyeshadows are almost always sold out. Prime example is M928 Eggplant. I went to five different Sephora stores in two different states searching for this eyeshadow and it wasn't in stock. Before you ask, I checked the Sephora website and all five locations "supposedly" had it in stock. Haha! Nope, sold out.

Storage: I hate that I have to purchase three eyeshadows and an empty single, double or triple palette just to receive the discounted pricing. It would be nice if Sephora included the Make Up For Ever XL metal palette that is available only online as one of the storage options. Then again, it would require Sephora to actually have the empty XL metal palette in stock. HAHA!!! It has been out of stock since the beginning of November which is ridiculous!

Sorry for the mini rant! I think I'm having a "Case of the Mondays"!

Availability: Sephora
Price: $21.00 USD

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