Sunday, June 8, 2008


Today I am reviewing the Solar Bits and some of the Neo Sci-Fi Collection.

Let's start with the Solar Bits - When I first saw the photos of the Solar Bits I was really excited. The colors looked as though they would compliment any skin tone, especially if you have a nice tan. So I purchased all four of them.

Once I was home, I was able to test out the products and I was pleasantly surprised by how brilliant the colors were. The promo pics and online photos that were posted all over the internet did not do these products justice. However it wasn't long before my good mood turned sour. When I tried opening the product, I knew I had to be extremely careful because other reviewers had already mentioned how extremely messy the Solar bits could be, even more so than the pigments, they managed to make quite a mess.

Now, I thought I would try using the Solar Bits on my eyes. Big mistake! Huge! Nowhere does it say that you need to crush the Solar Bits before applying them to your eyes. The website only suggests that you crush them for more brilliant color but that is all. Needless to say, you can guess what happened next. My eyes started to get red and swelled up due to the irritation. So back to the store I went and I returned them all. In my opinion the Solar Bits were a BIG Disappointment of the YEAR!

On to the eye shadows...
I purchased all of the eye shadows in this collection except for Expensive Pink. I had purchased it from a previous collection so I was able to save a little bit of money this time. THANK GOD!!!

Now I probably won't depot the eye shadows because they are packaged in a brightly colored orange pot that is so unique looking. I really love it! And I must say the shadows are highly pigmented and had great color pay-off. So the shadows more than made up for the disappointment that I experienced with the solar bits.

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