Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm a confessed MAC-aholic! Yesterday I was having MAJOR MAC withdrawals so I went on a shopping spree. As you can see I went on several! LOL...

My first shopping spree was at my local MAC counter. I purchased two MAC Electro Flash items: - Sonic Vibe Lipglass - Fast Thrill Lipstick I sooo wanted to buy the MES but I don't care for the shiny/shimmery Frost finishes. But the colors were AMAZING!!! Also while I was there I picked up a MAC eyeliner: - Blooz Eye Kohl (SO GORGEOUS!)

My shopping spree yesterday at my local CCO (Cosmetic Company Store) I purchased the following: - Feline Kohl Power Eye pencil - Clear Brow Finisher - Electro Lush Lipglass - Graphology e/s - Tete-a-tint e/s - Velvet Moss e/s - Shimmermoss e/s

Today's shopping spree was again at my local CCO and I purchased: - Electro Lush Lipglass (I loved the color so much I just had to buy another one.) - MAC 190 Foundation Brush - MAC 227 Large Fluff Brush - Prussian e/s - Flourishing e/s - Newly Minted e/s

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