Saturday, July 23, 2011


On Saturday, I had the opportunity to receive a free makeover at the Chanel counter at my local mall. The appointment was at 11AM but of course I showed up 30 minutes early so I wouldn't keep the MUA (Makeup Artist) waiting. Also, I was really excited to see what kind of look she was going to do.

When I initially scheduled the appointment last week, I made sure to ask if there were any costs involved. Sometimes when a cosmetic company offers a makeover it is not necessarily "free". It is often implied or expected that the customer will make a significant purchase once the makeover has completed. I was assured that there was no such cost but I had the SA (Sales Associate) set aside a few products just in case. Then the Friday before the big day, I made sure to deep cleanse my face and apply a generous amount of moisturizer so that my skin wouldn't look and feel dry or flaky during the makeover.

So the day of the makeover has arrived and I head on out to the mall. When I get there I don't see anyone so I walk around for a bit until a SA arrives. I tell her I'm there for my makeover appointment and she lets me know that the MUA will arrive shortly. Not to long after that the MUA shows up and we start chatting away about makeup, the weather, and each others plans for the rest of the day. We immediately hit it off and I start to get really good vibes about this whole experience. She then starts asking me what colors do I like to wear, am I looking for a day or evening look, did I have a special look in mind that I wanted her to do. I mention that I had been wanting to purchase the new Prelude quad but was hesitant due to the glitter in some of the shadows. She assures me the quad colors would compliment my complexion and would definitely enhance my green eyes. So I gave her free rein to work her magic on me.

Here is a picture of the finished look:

This is the special gift box that I received at the end of the makeover with several goodies inside.

And here are pictures of the products that I purchased:

Overall I had a really great experience and I think the MUA did a fantastic job.

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