Tuesday, July 26, 2011


JewelMint is the new and personalized way to shop for designer jewelry! Go to www.jewelmint.com and click "Get Started" to create your FREE style profile. You’ll then be introduced to your very own showroom filled with pieces chosen to best match your style. As a member you get access to the affordable luxury of exclusive jewelry collections designed by actress, Kate Bosworth, and her celeb stylist, Cher Coulter.

Each month you’ll receive personalized recommendations and style advice so you can get runway looks and red carpet style on your budget. Membership is just $29.99 per month and includes Stunning New Collections, Celeb Styling Tips and How-To tips and the jewelry piece of your choice.

Shipping is FREE, returns are hassle free and if you don't find something you love, SKIP THE MONTH FOR NO CHARGE. There’s no obligation.

Here is a link to the website: JEWELMINT

When I went to the website I wasn't sure what to expect. My fear was that I would fall in love with something but the quality wouldn't be there. Or that the pieces would be be unique and beautiful but wouldn't match my style / taste in jewelry. However, my fears were for nothing because every piece that I saw on the JEWELMINT website was gorgeous. Now the only probably I had was which piece should I buy first. I wanted then ALL! Oh my, there are so many lovely pieces of jewelry to be found on their website. Each month new pieces are added to the already beautiful jewels that can be found there.
I decided to play it safe and go for a bracelet because, for me, I love bracelets. They are my go to jewelry pieces and I love incorporating them with various outfits and styles. Sometimes I will build an outfit around the bracelet that I want to wear that day rather than the other way around. Personally, I think every woman should have that one piece of jewelry that makes her feel like a million bucks and it doesn't have to cost that much either. That is what I love so much about JEWELMINT. Everything is just 29.99 for each jewel and the possibilities are endless.  

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