Thursday, February 16, 2012


CHANEL BLUSH HORIZON DE CHANEL in soft glow was released with the Chanel Spring 2012 collection. You can read more about the collection here. It is such a pretty mixture of pinks with a hint of coral that gives a nice peach-y pink glow to the cheeks. Unfortunately, this blush is no longer available on the Chanel website but I have found it at several high-end department stores so there is still hope of purchasing it and it currently retails for $58.

I have used this blush several times already and while it has some pigmentation, it doesn't deposit a lot of color onto the cheeks. It is one of those blushes that will need several applications. It will need to be layered on the cheeks, for it to give a nice pop of color. One other thing to note about this blush is that for darker skin tones this may be more useful as a highlight powder than a blush.

Now don't get me wrong, I really love this blush because it is so unique and a very beautiful pink color. However, I just think that unless you are a die-hard collector of Chanel blushes, then this would fall more under the splurge category than a "Must Have". In the meantime, there are several other pieces from this collection that I have purchased and I will be posting reviews and pics of those items in a few days.

  • To create freshness, use all of the blush shades as a harmony and sculpt your face using the beveled brush.
  • For a healthy look, apply only the pink shade to the upper cheekbones and temples.
  • For a glowing complexion, use the sun-kissed effect of a cloud of peach.

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