Friday, February 3, 2012

JULEP MAVEN: February - American Beauty

MY JULEP MAVEN February American Beauty package arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I'm really excited to share it with everyone. I received two polishes, Oscar, which is a gold glitter polish (remember glitter on the nails but never on the face ladies!), and Glenn, which is a very pretty, bright reddish berry shimmer polish. Also included in the package was a roll-on bottle of cuticle oil and a dark chocolate (YUM!) Oscar statue - so adorable!

Each month, I eagerly await in anticipation for the e-mail from Julep (usually around the 20th of the month) that alerts me about the status of my Julep Maven package. What new nailpolish colors will I receive this month or what new products will be included in the Maven package are just a few of the questions that I often think about. I really look forward to receiving my Julep Maven package throughout the year. For more information about the program you can read my post here: JULEP MAVEN PROGRAM. Or you can use my referral link here: which will take you to the Julep website for you to fill out a quick style-profile questionnaire and you can read up on the program as well.

I have been a Julep Maven devotee since I first signed up for the program on August 10th, 2011. Before that I was, and still am, a member of their referral program (since June 22, 2011). So this isn't something that I'm not sure about or hesitant to recommend. No, far from it. I absolutely love their program and I highly recommend that you sign up as well.

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