Thursday, May 31, 2012


CHANEL LES 4 OMBRES QUADRA EYESHADOW in 19 ENIGMA was originally released in Fall 2010. It is a sparkly mixture of dark, muddy eyeshadows that are great at creating a smokey eye as it was intended to be. The top left is a shimmering pink with a hint of peach, the top right is a deep shimmery olive gray, the bottom left is a grayish shimmery violet and the bottom right is a blackened deep plum whose texture almost seems matte. I was initially drawn to this quad by the beautiful pigmented colors but I was also put off due to the heavy use of sparkle that is found throughout each of the eyeshadows.

Normally I don't make it a habit of purchasing eye shadows that contain glitter, especially one that uses as much as this one. However after much trial and error (and many red blotchy eyes later) I have found that when I lightly apply any of the three darker shadows to the outer "v" of the eye and blend really well then the sparkle glitter is not as noticeable or as intense. So by gradually applying layers of the shadow it allows for varying degrees of intensity. Apply lightly for a natural look for the day or apply heavier for a dramatic look for the evening. 

One other great use I have found for this quad is as an eyeliner. Especially the three darker shades. I pick up some of the eyeshadow on my eyeliner brush, next I lightly dab the brush in water and then I apply the damp eyeshadow to the eyelash line along the bottom edges of my eye. It is an easy and simple way to enhance any eye look with minimal work.

This Chanel quad currently retails at $58.00 USD for .24 oz.

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