Wednesday, September 5, 2012


CHANEL LE VERNIS NAIL COLOUR SKY LINE - a pale and pearlescent, nearly metallic nailpolish. This new, uniquely elegant nail shade brings the beauty of blue down to the fingertips. Part of the limited-edition BLUE ILLUSION DE CHANEL Collection (check out the entire collection here).

I just love this nail polish color! When I first saw it in the bottle I thought it looked more grayish blue. Once I applied it though the nailpolish seemed more of a light periwinkle sky blue. It does have a slight and subtle metallic sheen and is more noticeable depending on the brightness of the light which will definitely enhance the polish's reflective properties.

When applying the nailpolish I applied two liberal coats onto my nails which was a big mistake. The nailpolish has a really good base; so it's not too thick and it's not too watery either. A one coat application will work and if you apply a second coat then use a light hand otherwise it will have a tendency to smear really bad. If the second coat of polish is applied rather heavy then using a topcoat will help to hide any smudges or smears as it smooths out and fills in the imperfections.

This polish currently retails at $30.00 for .4 fl. oz. which is priced slightly higher than Chanel's standard selection of polishes - they currently retail at $26.00. I'm still not sure if the BLUE ILLUSION DE CHANEL collection will be available at higher end department stores but I've been told the Chanel boutiques will carry this collection along with it being available on the website.

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