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NEW hue! Dior Vernis Sparkling Shine in 343 SPRING BALL

From glossy lips to sparkling tips, these four new playful and glimmering shades of Dior Vernis add a hint of shimmer and shine to nails.

About Dior Beauty:
Since the House of Dior was founded in 1946, its goal has been simply to make women look sophisticated, sexy, and elegant. Dior Beauty is an extension of that philosophy in the most literal sense, with a complete collection of luscious cosmetics, indulgent skin and body treatments, and captivating fragrances.

When I purchased the Dior nailpolish 343 Spring Ball it was strictly an impulse buy. I had not seen any swatches or pics of the polish except for a promo shot and even then I just gave it a passing glance. I had every intention of skipping it. It just seemed like any other peachy pink nail polish with glitter; but I was wrong. Keep reading and I'll explain...

First let me start with the positives:

When I was testing out the polish I noticed right away that I could get by with just one coat on the nails. The peachy pink nail polish does seem kind of sheer but it works. It leaves the nails with a even layer of polish and the glitter helps to balance everything out. Check out the three pics below to see what I mean.

More with the positives:

When I applied a second and / or a third coat (I could have pulled off two coats easily but I wanted a more deepened nail polish color) the polish seemed less peachy pink and more peachy coral. Also, the silver flecks of glitter in the polish do a great job of reflecting the light. They really amp up the shine. See the next three pics below for comparison.

Now for the negatives:

There is so much glitter in this polish it leaves a bumpy or gritty feel to the nails. I was hoping for a smoother surface but it only gets worse. The more layers of polish that are applied to the nails the grittier the surface and the nail polish doesn't adhere to the nail as well. Sure, I could have used a base coat and a top coat but that would require more work. To me, the true worthiness of a polish is in how easily does it apply and in as little time as possible. 

More on the glitter:

I have a wide range of polishes in my collection with different finishes and textures. Many of these polishes contain glitter just like this one. However, none have ever made me so upset as this one did. I was ready to throw this polish in the trash or smash the bottle with a hammer! When I first started painting my nails the consistency of the polish was more like a creamy gel. It wasn't overly runny but it wasn't so thick that it glob-ed on the nails.

Once I finished painting my nails I started noticing the little flecks of glitter. Not only was glitter on my nails, glitter was on my hands, on my arms, on my face, and even on my clothes. Glitter was everywhere! At first it was just a few random flecks here and there. It wasn't until I was taking off the polish that it truly became a problem. While the nail polish remover did a great job at removing all of the polish, it left behind a horrible mess - the glitter. With the polish gone the glitter flaked and stuck to everything. It was about impossible to remove. Needless to say my aggravation escalated and the situation didn't get much better.

I don't think I have ever encountered a nail polish such as this one that has almost pushed me over the edge. I was cleaning glitter from around my nail bed for the next week and this was even after soaking my nails in remover for over twenty minutes. If you like glitter and the mess doesn't matter then go for it. Personally, I hated it and I promptly returned the polish.

The Dior Spring Ball nail polish is currently priced at $24.00 USD on the Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom websites. On it is currently priced at $25.00 USD for .33 fl. oz.

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