Thursday, April 4, 2013


NEW hue! Dior Vernis Sparkling Shine in Diablotine.

From glossy lips to sparkling tips, these four new playful and glimmering shades of Dior Vernis add a hint of shimmer and shine to nails.

About Dior Beauty:
Since the House of Dior was founded in 1946, its goal has been simply to make women look sophisticated, sexy, and elegant. Dior Beauty is an extension of that philosophy in the most literal sense, with a complete collection of luscious cosmetics, indulgent skin and body treatments, and captivating fragrances.

DIOR VERNIS SPARKLING COLOR EXTREME WEAR NAIL LACQUER in 643 DIABLOTINE is described as a sparkling poppy red with loads of glitter dust. It is this glitter dust that helps give the polish it's shine and brings on the sparkle. Even though this reddish orange polish seems to have a glossy shine it actually falls flat and dull after it dries. A topcoat is definitely needed to retain it's original sparkle and shine. Now what this polish lacks in sparkle though it definitely makes up for in opaqueness; only one coat was needed.

This polish is currently priced at $24.00 USD on Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom websites. On it is currently $25.00 USD.

Final thoughts:
  1. The wide applicator for this polish is typical of all Dior polishes. The wide brush tends to be sorta messy. It took me several tries at polishing my nails and even then there was still some residual left around the nail bed.
  2. The staying power of this polish was barely two days. It started chipping and peeling by day two which is disappointing because it is such a unique and beautiful color.
  3. If you like glitter polishes but hate the leftover flecks of glitter when removing the polish then you might want to pass on this one. I had to first soak and then scrub my nails and the surrounding nail bed just to remove everything.  

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