Tuesday, July 23, 2013


GET READY! On JULY 23rd at 12:01PM EST the ALLURE FALL BEAUTY BOX will go on sale!

You will receive over $350 worth of "FALL ESSENTIAL" beauty products for the low cost of only $39.99 with an additional $10 for shipping and handling. So the total cost is $49.99 plus tax. Typically $5 of the purchase price goes towards a charity of their choosing. This year it is "Cancer and Careers".

I've purchased the beauty boxes in the past (check out the 2012 Fall box here and here) and I am always surprised by all the great products included in them. Check out the 2013 Summer Beauty Box here. There is always something for everyone in them and there is plenty to share with others too. If you want to be alerted for when they go on sale again you can sign up to be a beauty enthusiast here. There is not cost to be a member and there are a lot of great opportunities to receive free samples or deals on many new and old beauty products.

I'll be sure to update this post with the link for the 2013 Allure Fall Beauty Box once it has become active. The link for the beauty boxes will be active until all quantities have been sold. So when the sale first starts you may experience some slow down with the web page but it quickly passes. However, if the link quits working or fails to load then you know the beauty boxes are sold out. In the past it has taken 24-48 hours to sell out but the Summer Beauty Box took less than 10 minute. So you might want to jump on this ASAP.

Here is the link:: ALLURE BEAUTY BOX Just click on the image once the link is activated (@ 12:01 PM est.) and it will take you to the order form.

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