Thursday, November 14, 2013


In my inbox today, I received the following notice about RESCUE BEAUTY LOUNGE having a five hour 50% off sale starting Sunday, November 17th at 12PM EST. The sale will last until 5PM or until everything is sold out - whichever comes first! The sale DOES NOT include non-nail polish items, the Bloggers Collection 2.0 nor does it include the Fan Collection 2.0 either (Read the full disclosures below).

Now, knowing how amazing these polishes are, I am sure this is one sale event you do not want to miss. So far I have six polishes on my lemming (must have) list and plenty more that I am seriously considering. So dish! What polishes are you planning on getting during the sale event?!?



This is a public event no code necessary.
No free shipping see below for updated details. Non-nail polish items, The Bloggers’ Collection 2.0, and The Fan Collection 2.0 are not included, but they can be ordered along with sale items to be shipped together. Your shipping date will not match the date in your e-mail notification. Many hugs in advance for the expected technical meltdowns—even though we’ve geared up bazillions of gigabytes of server space, this is always a possibility—and lastly, this might be a very long packing party.


1-12 BOTTLES $5.50

13-20 BOTTLES $12.50

21-37 BOTTLES $20.50

FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS OVER $200 (remember some items are $18.00)


1-12 BOTTLES $13.50

13-20 BOTTLES $25.50

21-28 BOTTLES $35.50

29-37 BOTTLES $45.50

FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS OVER $300 (remember some items are $18.00)

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