Monday, December 2, 2013


Chanel Joues Contraste 63 Plum Attraction powder blush is described as a shimmering reddish plum. It is a very bold blush that will need a light hand during application. The intensity of the blush is so amazing but it can make you look clownish if its overdone. Also, the staying power is a good 10 - 12 hours with minimal fading. The blush is part of Chanel's permanent collection, it contains .21 oz of product and it currently retails for $43.00 USD.

When I'm dealing with a blush, Plum Attraction, that has this much intensity I like to experiment by mixing it with other products in my collection. My ultimate goal is to take a product that may not work for everyone and find a way to "tweak it" in the hopes that it will be suitable for all. It is with this concept in mind that I decided to mix my Chanel cream blush in Affinite (read more about it here) with Plum Attraction (see the pic below for swatches).

Affinite is an intensely bright raspberry pink cream blush while Plum Attraction is a deep and dark mauve-y plum powder blush. However, when the two are combined together, they make a beautiful rosy mauve blush. This gorgeous color combo will definitely complement light or dark skin tones.

Top swatch is Affinite and the bottom swatch is Plum Attraction
with the middle swatch being a combo of the two mixed together.

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