Monday, March 2, 2015


I can't believe it is already March! This year is flying by so fast! I was just saying to a friend of mine how this year it seems the Spring and Summer collections are releasing earlier than ever. Well, one such collection that totally took me by surprise was the L'Intemporel De Chanel collection. It consists of two pieces: the L'Intemporel De Chanel eyeshadow palette and the Intemporel nail polish. Read more about the entire collection here. I had thought this collection would launch sometime around May during the release of the Chanel Summer collection. However it recently popped up on the Chanel website so I definitely had to splurge for the gorgeous eyeshadow palette. It currently retails for $80.00 USD, it contains .24 oz of product and is available online at Chanel.

According to Chanel:
Gabrielle Chanel created the 2.55 bag, iconic to the House of Chanel, in February 1955. Inspired by the leather-braided chain of the 2.55, the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio debuts a limited-edition collection firmly anchored in the codes of the House. Exclusive Creation L'INTEMPOREL DE CHANEL offers an eye palette of five shades delicately connected by an embossed chain design, while LE VERNIS in Intemporel reinterprets the glimmer of the inimitable metal chain.
The L'Intemporel eyeshadow palette is made up of an odd but unique collection of shadows. It also houses one dual-ended sponge applicator and one brush / sponge applicator although most of the time I never use them. In the pan all five shadows seem to contain miniscule glitter flecks but once swatched it was only the white and yellow shadows that contained heavy glitter particles. From right to left the eyeshadow palette features a soft semi-sheer sparkly white, the next shade is a dark purple satin, the middle shade is a smokey black, the fourth shade is a smokey dark green teal and the far left shade is a sparkly pale yellow. I didn't really care for the yellow shade and it was my least favorite of them all. It just didn't go well with my green eyes and pale complexion. Despite my lack of fondness for the yellow shade the eyeshadows are all soft, semi-sheer with buildable color and are nicely pigmented.

Availability: Chanel
Price: $80.00 USD

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