Sunday, March 1, 2015


Lately I have been on a lipstick buying binge! So when I heard Chanel recently reformulated / relaunched their ROUGE COCO lipsticks I was definitely intrigued. Now I wasn't a fan of the original formula and I never really invested much money into purchasing many of them. I believe I had previously purchased maybe two, Magnolia and Mademoiselle. Magnolia I still have but the other, Mademoiselle, I promptly returned to the store. I didn't care for how heavy it felt on my lips because it had such a thick formula. Also, it wasn't very moisturizing as it tended to dry out my lips quite a bit. So I'm super excited to see how these new lipsticks will perform.

There are 29 new ROUGE COCO lipsticks to choose from and each are named for people who inspired Coco Chanel - friends, lovers and artists. Now naming a product for a muse isn't a new trend. Other brands such as Nars and Tom Ford have all done the same with their lipsticks but it is still nice to see how each brand honors those closest to them. With the Chanel ROUGE COCO lipsticks there are five color groups to choose from with the nudes named for her family, the pinks named for her best friends, corals named for her muses, reds named for her lovers and plums were named for her favorite artists. The ROUGE COCO lipsticks currently retail for $36.00 USD, contain .12 oz of product and are available in store and online at Chanel, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales just to name a few.

According to Chanel:
The reinvented ROUGE COCO is more expressive than ever, in a new formula and vibrant colour spectrum, with shade names inspired by Coco Chanels closest friends. The bright lip colour features an exclusive complex with Jojoba and Mimosa Butters, Sunflower Wax and silicone for lasting hydration and luminous results.
The shades within each color range are featured from lightest to darkest with an even numbering system (400 to 456). The nude shades are 400 to 408, the corals are 410 to 418, the pinks are 420 to 438, the reds are 440 to 446 and the plums are 448 to 456. With so many to choose from I was a little overwhelmed. Each color group has something special to offer and trying to choose just one was really difficult. Typically I gravitate towards nudes, pinks and plums so after swatching a few I finally settled on 436 Maggy. It's the perfect "MLBB" (my lips but better) lip color which is a deep mauve-y pink. It does contain teeny tiny micro glitter particles which are not as noticeable on the lips until the lipstick wears off. Then they are more readily visible. In the tube the lipstick does have a slight floral scent but it didn't carry over upon application which is nice. I hate when a lipstick has a heavy floral scent attached to it and you can still taste and smell it on your lips even after application. Maggy applies semi-opaque with buildable lightweight color. The color does deepen and darken the heavier the application and it still feels lightweight. It is important to note the moisturizing properties contained in the lipstick keep the lips hydrated but it does have a slight waxy feel and it allowed the lipstick to travel somewhat. Especially along the outer edges of the lips so I would advise applying a lipliner for a more pristine look. Wear time for the lipstick was about five hours before reapplication was necessary. Even if you are not a fan of Chanel I would definitely suggest purchasing a few of these. The beautiful color range and the lightweight moisturizing properties absolutely make them worth purchasing.

Availability: Chanel, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales
Price: $36.00 USD

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