Wednesday, March 4, 2009


HD Invisible Cover Foundation

    Recently I went to my local Sephora store and asked for a sample of the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD foundation. So many people are raving about this new foundation. Apparently it is good for giving a flawless "matte" finish and it is the preferred foundation for photo shoots.

    Well being the skeptic that I am I had to check this product out for myself. Who knows this might turn out to be my HG foundation that I am always on the lookout for??? When I got home to try out my sample (Thank GOD for free samples!) I noticed that some of the foundation had leaked out of its container. The liquid consistency of this product is not something I am use too. Most, if not all, of my previous foundations have been a lot thicker with a cream-like base to them and were not as runny for lack of a better word.

    Well since I was not too happy about the mess I took extra care when I applied the foundation to my face. From the moment I applied the foundation I was won over. There was no orange-y tint to this makeup and although the consistency was a bit runny, it actually helped to blend in the foundation a lot easier than what I had experienced with previous foundations.
    I'm thinking that maybe it soaks into the skin to minimize the pores and wrinkles rather than sitting on top the skin like most foundations are prone to do. Whatever it does, all I know is that it gave me a flawless look to my face. See for yourself. Here is a pic of what it looks like on me:

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