Sunday, August 15, 2010

BEAUTY IN A BOX: Classic Eye Kit ($103 Value)

Exclusively at SEPHORA

Beauty In A Box: Classic Eye Kit ($103 Value)

What it is:
A limited-edition kit featuring a handpicked collection of our favorites from Laura Mercier, plus a how-to guide.

What it does:
Sephora has teamed up with Laura Mercier to bring you this exclusive "Beauty in a Box" set featuring all the products, shades, tools, and techniques you need to achieve Laura's "Classic Eye," plus a step-by-step tutorial. Available for a limited time only.

This set contains:
- 0.1 oz Wheat Eye Basics
- 2 x 0.09 oz Stellar/Topaz Eye Colour Duo
- 0.03 oz Black Thickening and Building Mascara
- 0.03 oz Black Ebony Eye Liner
- Double-Ended Eye Colour and Flat Eye Liner Brush

At $42 this set is such a great deal because if you were to purchase the items separately you would spend a great deal more on buying the individual items. So this is an excellent way for those of you who are new to the Laura Mercier brand to try her products without spending a small fortune. I just recently purchased this set myself and I am eagerly awaiting its delivery. Just let me know if you would like for me to do a review on any of these products and I will try my best to get right on it.

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