Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I first heard about JEWELMINT in one of my fashion magazines. Membership is $29.99 each month or you can opt to skip the month and not be charged anything. I bought my first piece in June and you can read more about the whole process here. Or follow this referral link to sign up right now.

For the month of July, I was going to opt out and not purchase anything but then I saw the Trinity bracelets. I had seen them before on the website and had really wanted them but they were always sold out. So I made sure to purchase them as soon as I saw that they were available. I like that there are three bracelets and each bracelet is a different metal: silver, rose gold, and gold. You can wear all three bracelets together or you can wear them separately. The bracelets are not big and gaudy but they aren't extremely delicate either. They are fairly sturdy and will not break after a few times of wearing them. If you have the opportunity to purchase them I suggest that you do. These bracelets are classic pieces that will go with anything.


LVMAKEUP said...

Those look so pretty, I just joined beginning of august, after telling myself not too fall into the hype, LOL those bracelets look gorgeous!


Thank you! I love them! I was the same way at first about joining and now I can't wait to see the new pieces that are offered each month!

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