Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OPI Spring/Summer 2011 Katy Perry Collection - Not Like the Movies

OPI Not Like The Movies is a duochrome light silvery moss green with violet flash metallic shimmer nail polish color.
I am planning on having a blog sale in the near future. So on Sunday I was going through my makeup trying to see if there was anything that I wanted to sell and I came across this nail polish. I had totally forgotten about it (which is one of the first signs that you have to much makeup, when you forget that you have stuff! LOL). Anyway, I love this polish because it looks blue, then purple, or even green depending on how the light's rays reflect off the nail. Oh, and it has mini micro flecks of silver glitter too! Ha Ha! You know it!!!! Woo Hoo! All about the glitter up in here....

Okay, back to the topic. I have bought OPI polishes in the past and I really love how they go on so smooth and even. I typically get about a good 3-4 days wear without chipping and that is without a base or top coat either. If I use a base or top coat then I get an additional day or so more of wear with the polishes.

I think I bought this polish at Beauty Brands which is a Salon and Spa store that sells various hair care items with a small section of the store devoted to makeup. They offer a variety of beauty services that make it the perfect "go-to" place for hair, eyebrow and nail maintenance. You can even get a massage there too if you are feeling the least bit stressed.

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