Wednesday, August 17, 2011

THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY: “SkinnyLicious™” menu

I love eating at the Cheesecake Factory. The delicious meals and the decadent desserts make the visit such a pleasurable and scrumptious experience. So I was extremely happy to find out that The CheeseCake Factory, starting August 9th and at all location nation-wide by September 9th, will start to offer a new “SkinnyLicious™” menu.

The new “SkinnyLicious™” menu will have almost 50 different delectable items that you can select from and will offer those of us who are calories conscious, a wide variety of menu options that are only 590 calories. Some of the wonderful meal selections to be offered are the SkinnyLicious™ Hamburgers (including a succulent Veggie Burger), Tuscan Chicken and SkinnyLicious™ Herb Crusted Salmon and that is just the beginning.

The Charlotte location will roll out the new menu options starting September 9th. I'm super excited to try the more healthier dishes and I will post a follow up review when that time comes. Be sure to click on your state here to see when the SkinnyLicious™ menu will be at your favorite location.

Let me know, by posting a comment below, if you've already had a chance to try any of the healthier dishes and which was your favorite "must have" dish that others should try as well. 

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