Friday, December 30, 2011

CHANEL: Le Crayon Levres Precision Lip Definer 05 Mordore - Nude

Of all the Chanel lipliners this one is my favorite and I keep backups throughout my home and office. I would even go so far as to say its my "HG - Holy Grail". Now the name (on the Chanel website its listed as Mordore but on the box its called Mordore - Nude) is a little misleading because its not really a true nude color as one would expect. When I think of a true nude color a brownish flesh-y color comes to mind, but that is hardly the case here. I think what Chanel was going for here was the "MLBB - my lips but better" type of nude color, making it geared more toward those of us who have really pigmented lips (myself included) that is more on the pinkish mauve-y side of the color spectrum. I find that with really pigmented lips unless you use some type of coverup on your lips, then your natural lip color will change the appearance and color of the lipstick once its applied and sometimes its really not a good look. We all know what I'm talking about - the crypt keeper look, or as others would say - the porn star look which is definitely not a look to be rockin' in an office environment.

Anyway, this lipliner is more of a coppery mix with a slight hint of reddish mauve so it enhances your lips natural pigmentation and amps it up a bit with some color. For those of you out there with really pale lips I would skip this one as it might be to much color for you (think reddish Goth look) but hey, you might be into that look so who am I to judge. Typical wear time for me with the lipliner is most of the day, yes, even after eating or drinking and I usually layer a gloss over it due to how pigmented the color is.

This lipliner currently retails for $29 and is a dual ended lipliner, lip brush combo. So that means you have one less makeup brush that you have to tote around. It also comes with a separate pencil sharpener for the liner as well which is nice not only for sanitary reasons but also it is made for this type of product and will not destroy the liner when you go to sharpen it. For a mid-level price range alternative think MAC lipliner in Whirl. Whirl is more brownish pink in color though and currently retails for $14 and doesn't come with either a lip brush or a pencil sharpener. For a drugstore alternative I have heard that Rimmel London Darling Nude is a good dupe but I've been unable to find it at any of my local drugstores. I do know that Rimmel lipliners range in price from $3-$7 depending on your location and the store (think CVS, Ulta, Walmart, etc.).     

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