Friday, December 30, 2011


I make it a point to visit the Smashbox website a couple of times a month; especially on Tuesday and Thursday when they have their "Let's Do Lunch" offers. They typically offer double or triple pretty points and a bonus deluxe sample with every order as well.  You can read all about it from my previous post here. Their "Final Call" section is where all of their newly discontinued products are listed and you can find some really great deals there too. Just like this lip enhancing lip gloss (see below for pics) that I got for $14.25 (it originally retailed for $19) and everything else were the "Freebies" that came with my order. I know...its an A-M-A-ZING deal.


Drench your lips in dazzling, shimmer and shine. A beauty editor's favorite, these lip-pampering golden glosses are ultra-nourishing and moisturizing. Guaranteed to keep lips looking gorgeous all night long.

To create the illusion of a fuller pout, darken the area underneath the center of bottom lip with the NUDE LIP PENCIL in a shade that matches your skin tone, then apply LIP ENHANCING GLOSS in REVEAL or DISGUISE in the center of lip.

I really liked this gloss a lot but it was a little more peachy-pink colored than what I was expecting. I would have preferred a more pinkish color. As far as color pay-off it was a tad sheer and it was very drying on the lips at least for me it was. I'm glad that I got this on sale because otherwise I would have returned it.

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