Tuesday, June 5, 2012


CHANEL OMBRES CONTRASTE EYESHADOW DUO #37 SABLE - EMOUVANT is part of Chanel's Summer 2012 collection. (you can read more about the whole collection here). I first tested the eyeshadow duo when I attended a Chanel Breakfast Master Class that was held at the Southpark mall. It was a fun-filled morning with delicious breakfast foods, wonderful beverages of champagne and mimosas and tables overflowing with makeup for us to test and try on.

At the event I was able to test the Chanel Summer collection before it was even released which was made all the more special by the guest spokesperson for the event. He taught all of us, there were about eight of us in attendance, how to correctly use the different products and the importance of using the correct skincare products too.

The best part of the event was that with this one universally flattering eyeshadow duo I was able to create a smoky eye look and a neutral everyday look. Yes, just using these two colors. Sounds incredible I know, but both looks were gorgeous. At a later date I'll recreate both looks so you can see exactly what I mean.

Anyway the lighter shadow is described as a warm beige and the other shadow is a dark chocolate brown. I used the darker eyeshadow for my brows and as an eyeliner. With my brows he taught me to gently line the bottom edges of my brows with the shadow and then with a brow brush to sweep upwards. This softens the brows and gives them a more natural look so there are no harsh lines. When it came time to line my eyes he used a small eyeshadow brush and gently picked up some of the darker shadow. Next he lightly sprayed the brush with water and then he gently pressed the shadow all the way across onto the bottom of my lash line. He also used a little of the shadow on the outer corner edge of my top lash line. It was only applied to about a fourth of an inch to a half inch inward on the upper lash line. Any more than that he said would muddy the appearance and ruin the overall look. One other key thing to remember is the bigger the brush that you use, then the softer the effect will be and less harsh looking.

If you are going to purchase anything from the Summer 2012 collection then I recommend this eyeshadow duo. It is the one "MUST-HAVE" item of the whole collection that is truly worth the price. I can't imagine a more unique and perfect combination such as this one. It currently retails at $42.00 for .09 oz.

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