Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The intense shimmer of CHANEL ILLUSION D'OMBRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadows debuts dramatic new hues, to highlight eyes with beautiful contrast and bold glow.

ILLUSION D'OMBRE Long Wear Luminous EyeShadow - $36.00 USD
There are three shades being released with the LES EXPRESSIONS DE CHANEL collection and they are: Abstraction - which is permanent, Vision - which is permanent, and Illusoire - which is a repromote.



ILLUSOIRE - Purple (repromote)

Yesterday I posted about the new Chanel liquid eyeliners (you can read more about it here: CHANEL LIGNE GRAPHIQUE LIQUID EYELINERS ). Just like the Chanel liquid eyeliners, these items as well, will not be available until the week of Thanksgiving.

CHANEL ABSTRACTION Illusion D'Ombre long wear luminous eyeshadow is part of the LES EXPRESSIONS DE CHANEL collection which I posted about earlier this year at the end of July. To learn more about the whole collection you can read my previous post here: CHANEL LES EXPRESSIONS DE CHANEL.

I have to be totally honest with you. These pictures DO NOT even begin to capture how beautiful this cream eyeshadow, Abstraction, really is. I saw the display and it was nice. I glanced at the different products mentally tallying up in my head what items I might want to buy and how much each of them was going to cost me which was already causing me to get a little faint! Next I slowly started inspecting each of the items for its "worthiness factor" - meaning if I only had X-amount of dollars to spend what are going to be my "MUST HAVE" items that I can't live without. Then as I picked up Abstraction and slowly opened the little round pot......

Yep, that is when all brain activity ceased to function for me. I was smitten, head over heels in LOVE with this cream eyeshadow color. The SA, Adrienne, just started laughing at me because all I kept repeating over and over was: OMG!, OMG!, OMG! I love this color - Abstraction is just plain gorgeous!

When I first swatched Abstraction, it seemed rather sheer but it is easily buildable to achieve a more intense color or look. As a matter of fact, Adrienne and I were already discussing the different looks you could create with this cream eyeshadow; either by wearing it over or under a powder eyeshadow or just wearing it alone on the lid. To me, Abstraction seemed to have more of a pearlized sheen than heavy bits of glitter like Illusoire, which has full on glitter throughout. It is important to note the pearlized sheen in Abstraction reacts nicely to varying levels of light. It can warm the color up and bring out more of the peachier tones or it can soften the color and bring out the cooler, pinkier aspect of this eyeshadow.

In closing, if you only pick up one or two items from the Les Expressions collection be sure to check out the cream eyeshadows because Abstraction is a sure winner to add to your must have list. There are also two new eyeshadow quads with this collection and I hope to have swatches posted either tomorrow morning or later that afternoon so be on the lookout for that.

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