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The LIGNE GRAPHIQUE DE CHANEL liquid eyeliners are part of the CHANEL LES EXPRESSIONS DE CHANEL 2012 collection which I blogged about at the end of July of this year. To learn more about the whole collection you can read my previous post here: CHANEL LES EXPRESSIONS DE CHANEL

There are three liquid eyeliners: 10 Noir - which is permanent, 30 Purple - which is permanent, and 20 Palatine - which is limited edition.

I came across the display when I visited the Chanel counter at my local Belk department store. The Sales Associate, Adrienne, was kind enough to let me photograph and swatch the different products from the collection. At this time they are only taking pre-sales for the products and they will not be available for actual purchase to take home until the beginning of Thanksgiving week.

My initial thoughts about the eyeliners: they go on really smoothly, seem to have great staying power, and have a nice tip to the end of the applicator. The only issue I could see would be the applicator itself. It was more like a flimsy brush at the end of the applicator which might be an issue for those less experienced when applying liquid eyeliners.

My recommendations: If you regularly wear liquid eyeliner then I would opt for Palatine for sure. It's a limited edition eye product and with Christmas / Holiday parties coming up, it will most likely sell out rather quickly. Noir and Purple are both dupe-able and can be skipped. Unless you are a die-hard collector and just want them for your collection but they are permanent so there's no need to rush out to purchase them.

10 NIOR - Black

30 PURPLE - Purple

20 PLATINE - Silver / Grey (limited edition)

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