Monday, January 20, 2014


OMG, have you seen the latest "MUST TRY" product from Sephora! It's the SEPHORA UPSIDE DOWN MASCARA - a double brush mascara! When I first saw the dual mascara wands I honestly thought it was some kind of joke or prank. Then the more I thought about it I realized this is such an awesome concept. The dual mascara wands assist in adding volume, curl, length and definition to the lashes. For curl and length one must gently squeeze the dual wands together and coat the upper lashes. The same can be done for the bottom lashes as well although I prefer to use only the "bottom" wand (smaller wand). It applies just enough mascara without making the lower lashes look messy or brittle. If you prefer amped up volume, then gently capture the upper lashes between the top and bottom wands (Please note this can get a little messy!). Then gently squeeze the wands together while applying the mascara to the top and bottom of the upper lashes simultaneously. Sounds crazy doesn't it, but it is actually quite easy after a little practice.

The double wand mascara is currently priced at $22.00 USD and it contains .5 oz of product. It is available in-store and online at all Sephora locations. Wear time for the mascara so far (my Sephora order just delivered on Saturday) has been on par with most mascaras. I did notice minor eye irritation with the mascara formula but nothing unbearable.

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