Monday, January 13, 2014


The Pantone 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid and Benefit Cosmetics newest smudge-proof lip and cheek stain, Lollitint, has nailed it. It's a beautiful bright candy orchid tint that can be applied to the cheeks or the lips for a flush of pink. The color in the bottle may seem extreme but when applied it blends into a nice pink color. Nothing over the top but of course if you prefer a more bolder look with a stronger intensity then reapplying will definitely amp up the color.

The first time I applied Lollitint to my cheeks I used the brush applicator but I felt like I had less control when applying and it deposited way to much product. The next time I wore the tint I tried using my fingers but it didn't blend as seamless as what it should - it looked rather splotchy. What I finally found to work the best was the MAC 188 duo fiber brush; especially for small application areas. For larger application areas the larger MAC 189 duo fiber brush worked beautifully. Both allowed me to deposit small amounts of product and then blend it in without any streaking, smearing or splotchy-ness. Wear time for the tint on my cheeks and face was 10 hours with little to no fading. By the 12 hour mark there was some slight fading but the flush of pink was still very apparent.

For my lips I used my fingertips to pat and blot the tint on rather than the brush applicator or a lip brush. When I used either of them the tint seemed to settle into my lips and it didn't apply as evenly. Once the tint dried down somewhat then I applied a clear gloss over it for a bit of shine. Wear time as a lip tint was about four hours although I did reapply the gloss which seemed to revitalize the lip tint and then I was able to extend the wear time by an additional two hours.

Lollitint currently retails for $30.00 USD and it contains .42 oz of product.

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