Monday, March 31, 2014


In April Giorgio Armani will be releasing their newest creation the Maestro Fusion Blush (It is currently available online at Nordstrom). The intensity of the Italian sun was used as inspiration in the creation of the Maestro Fusion blushes (there are a total of three). Their purpose is to give the face and body the appearance of a natural sun-kissed look. The liquid blushes have a lightweight formula that luminates and highlights the cheeks. They can be used as a blush, bronzer or one can mix, blend or layer for a custom-made result.
"The secret of this iconic Maestro formula is no water or white powder. Instead, it contains five non-comedogenic oils, including white lotus oil, which gradually evaporate upon application and leave you with a “no makeup feel.” The ultra-fine oil-pigments suspension enhances the skin and is enriched with finely milled micro-pearls for liquid summer bronzer and essential concentrated pigments for fusion blush. For optimal results, use a single drop of the highly pigmented blush formula."
The Fusion liquid blushes come in three colors: 300 is coral, 400 is berry and 500 is a warm mauve. I purchased both the 400 and 500 blushes. A lot of the basic information that I posted on this review today is similar to what I have already posted about the liquid blush in 400. The link for my review on 400 will be listed below. Anyway, fusion liquid blush in 500 is more like a warm mauve with a strong brown undertone. It is super pigmented and lasts all day - so no worries about wear time and fading and because these are super pigmented not much product is needed. Take care when using them - they are very messy!

Check out my review of 400 here: 400 GIORGIO ARMANI MAESTRO FUSION BLUSH

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