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In April Giorgio Armani will be releasing their newest creation the Maestro Fusion Blush (It is currently available online at Nordstrom). The intensity of the Italian sun was used as inspiration in the creation of the Maestro Fusion blushes (there are a total of three). Their purpose is to give the face and body the appearance of a natural sun-kissed look. The liquid blushes have a lightweight formula that luminates and highlights the cheeks. They can be used as a blush, bronzer or one can mix, blend or layer for a custom-made result.

"The secret of this iconic Maestro formula is no water or white powder. Instead, it contains five non-comedogenic oils, including white lotus oil, which gradually evaporate upon application and leave you with a “no makeup feel.” The ultra-fine oil-pigments suspension enhances the skin and is enriched with finely milled micro-pearls for liquid summer bronzer and essential concentrated pigments for fusion blush. For optimal results, use a single drop of the highly pigmented blush formula."

The Fusion blushes come in three colors: 300 is coral, 400 is berry and 500 is a warm mauve. I purchased both the 400 and 500 blushes. When I first opened the 400 blush I was taken aback by how dark it looked. It was supposed to be a neutral berry color but it swatched with a strong red undertone. Its still a very pretty color but it just seemed darker than what I had expected.

The Fusion blushes are quite messy (see the picture below of the dropper). So unless you are proficient with using droppers, which I definitely am not, then expect to make a mess. It says to use one drop for the face but even then I found that to be a bit much. One could get away with using maybe half of a drop. Anyway, if the whole dropper thing seems overwhelming just dab the dropper against your hand and then use a makeup brush to apply it to the face. Or one can just swipe a brush along side the dropper to get a dab of product for the face. However you decide to use it this product is definitely gonna take some practice even for the seasoned makeup artist.

If I had to pick just one out of the three to purchase I'd have to say 400 is my favorite. The color seems much more compatible with my cooler / paler skintone. The Giorgio Armani 'Maestro' Fusion Blush currently retails for $52.00 USD and it contains .5 fl oz. of product. On the Nordstrom website they have the liquid blushes listed at .6 fl oz. but per the box and the container it is only .5 fl oz. It is important to note the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheers contain 1 fl oz. and cost $64. So these new Fusion blushes are half the size and $12 less which is still a bit pricey.

IMPORTANT to remember:

1. Store them upright or they will leak out!
2. Take care when handling as these will stain the skin and clothing.
3. Extremely pigmented so not much product is needed.
4. Most important - shake before using as the product has a tendency to settle / separate.

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