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Several months ago I received an invitation to sign up for this program and I am so glad that I did. Each month I know that I am receiving the latest nail polish colors that are sure to be the "Hottest" and "Must-Have" polishes for the season. The best part is that each selection will compliment my unique look which is determined by my Style Profile. If it all sounds a little confusing, just keep reading, cause it is really quite simple...

(Please note: The following information was copied from the Julep website).

Being a Maven, gives you exclusive access to COLOR

You get it first, and YOU decide how often you want to receive your beauty editor Sneak Peek Box

You receive over $40 worth of trendsetting polish colors and cutting-edge treatment products each month customized in a gift-able Sneak Peek Box

Each Sneak Peek Box features new, never before released colors and treatments FIRST to you, before anyone else

Your box also includes hits and cult favorites - the products we like to keep on the top of editors' minds

20% off all purchases

FREE shipping on ALL your purchases

Each box also comes with a surprise and delight element- something to look forward to!

Receive additional membership perks throughout the year.

How do you become a JULEP Nail Maven:

Becoming a Julep Maven is easy, quick, and fun!

1. Take the Julep Maven Style Quiz

2. View your Style Profile and personal beauty editor Sneak Peek Box

3. Create a Login

4. Place your Order

5. Now YOU are a Julep Maven!

Why, what to expect, and how does it work???

The process will only take a moment of your time and membership is hassle-free and risk-free with no commitment. Simply take our Julep Maven Style Quiz to tell us more about yourself and we’ll determine which style of magazine editor you most resemble. You will instantly view your Style Profile and your customized beauty editor Sneak Peek Box that contains personally selected products that best compliment your unique look. All there is left to do is simply create a login and place your order - we’ll take care of the rest! We’ll put together and send out your first exclusive, personally customized, Julep Maven Sneak Peek Box in the mail.

Which magazine beauty editor's style are you most like? Take our Julep Maven Style Quiz to find out! Click Here

When we launch new products, we start out by creating beautiful sneak peek sets to send out to the top beauty editors and celebrity trendsetters across the country for their consideration and review. And our girlfriends are always asking to sneak them an extra set.

Take the Style Quiz →

Now they can - and so can you. We launched our new Julep Maven program to give all of our girlfriends access to the beauty editor Sneak Peek Box we create every month. As a Julep Maven, you will have access to the hottest trends in nail color and the latest Mani Care and Pedi Care products - delivered right to your doorstep, just like the beauty editors do. And you'll have access to these trends and products before anyone else.

We know that tailoring and customizing each editor delivery is critical to gaining her attention and enthusiasm, so every Sneak Peek Box we send you will be tailored to your needs and preferences. Just take our fun and easy Julep Maven Style Quiz to help us understand your style profile.

Then each month, we'll send you an email to let you know what we've curated for you in your customized beauty editor Sneak Peek Box. If you don't like what you see, you can request another "shelf pull."

Or choose to send your Sneak Peek Box to a girlfriend as a gift - every month's set comes beautifully packaged and ready to gift.

Welcome to VIP treatment - because your opinion matters to us. YOU are our favorite beauty editor!

Which magazine beauty editor's style are you most like? Take our Julep Maven Style Quiz to find out! Click Here

So now that you've had a chance to read over everything, it sounds pretty cool doesn't it! Another great thing about this program is that it doesn't cost as much as those other monthly programs that charge you anywhere from $30-$50 a month. At this time the program costs only 19.99 a month and you can always opt out for the monthly shipment and you will not be charged for anything. Or if you find that the program is not a good fit for you, then you can cancel at any time.

Check back for more updates when I post my monthly Julep Maven Sneak Peek Boxes! ♥♥♥

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