Monday, September 30, 2013


With the launch of the COLLECTION ROUGE ALLURE MOIRÉ DE CHANEL, saw the release of nine new rouge allure luminous intense lipsticks. Six will be added to the permanent range, two are limited edition - Impulsive and Audacieuse, and the ninth, 126 Équivoque, will not be sold in stores - it is exclusive to

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Read more about the collection here: CHANEL COLLECTION MOIRÉ

124 AMBIGUË is a gorgeous pearlescent berry rouge allure lipstick. This understated color is obviously the gem of this collection. In the tube it may look too deep and dark but on the lips it applies as a beautiful deep mauve-y berry. Normally I don't gravitate towards the rouge allure line of lipsticks because until recently I was a die-hard Rouge Coco shine addict. However, with the release of these new rouge allure lipsticks I am really impressed. The lasting power is a solid four to five hours with no fading or feathering. The lightweight feel is beyond amazing and it didn't dry out my lips either.

The lipstick currently retails for $34.00 USD and it contains .12 oz. of product. It is available at all department store counters, Chanel Boutiques, and online at

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