Monday, October 21, 2013


What makes chocolate even more irresistible? A shot of Bobbi's favorite - bright pink. Designed to complement this season's chocolatey hues and the Bobbi and Katie Collection, this double-sided bag fits tools on one side and your favorite makeup on the other. Featuring full-sized brush heads atop shortened cocoa-colored handles (for seamless makeup application even on the go). This Mini Brush Set includes four brushes: Face Blender, Eye Shadow, Eye Sweep, and Smokey Eye Liner - all in a zippered pouch done up with a hot pink ribbon pull.

For quite some time I have been on the hunt for good quality travel makeup brushes. Every year MAC releases sets of their makeup brushes but I haven't really been impressed with the quality of them and the bristles are just way too scratchy! Several other makeup brands have travel brushes as well, but with a starting price of $100 I can't see myself spending that kind of money. Although at $65 for this set, that is still quite expensive.

The dual zippered vinyl makeup bag is big and roomy. It can definitely hold a fair amount of cosmetics comfortably and the various mini compartments are nice as well. I can see myself using those compartments to hold smaller items that typically get forgotten or lost at the bottom of my purse.

When I first saw the brush set my initial reaction / first thought was "OMG, they are so small!". I know that travel brushes are typically a smaller version of the full size brushes but these seemed significantly smaller. Now keep in mind the brushes do have full-size brush heads but it is the handles that are significantly smaller than your typical travel brush set. Hopefully the quality of the brushes will make up for the small brush size.

The quality of the brushes was actually quite superb. The bristles were extremely soft and there was minimal shedding. It did take some time getting use to the short brush handles but the brush application was on par with their full size counterparts. Overall this is a nice set but I don't think I would repurchase it in the future. I just can't get past the really small brush handles. Additionally, it would have been nice to see a lip brush included with this set.

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