Monday, October 7, 2013


CHANEL 827 INITIATION, a limited edition ILLUSION D'OMBRE eyeshadow, is part of the Chanel 2013 Holiday collection. The majority of the collection is available either online or at local department store counters with the remaining pieces, namely the eyeshadow palette, being released later this month.

Read about the entire Chanel holiday collection here: HOLIDAY 2013 COLLECTION NUIT INFINIE DE CHANEL

I purchased CHANEL 827 INITIATION eyeshadow online from a major department store. When it arrived and I opened the packaging...this is what it looked like (see pics below).

Somehow it seems like I am always receiving defective products. The eyeshadow was one big clump with the consistency of clay and the texture is best described as grainy, almost grit like. Also, each of the ILLUSION D'OMBRE eyeshadows are supposed to contain a miniature application brush but this one was missing (the one pictured is from a different eyeshadow).

Anyway, I'm not so worried about receiving a refund or an exchange because the department store that I purchased this from has an excellent return policy. I'm just really bummed because I was so looking forward to wearing this eyeshadow.

The ILLUSION D'OMBRE eyeshadows currently retail for $36.00 and they contain .14 oz. of product.

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