Monday, October 21, 2013


CHANEL ILLUSION D'OMBRE 90 CONVOITISE is a limited edition long wearing luminous eyeshadow. It was first available overseas with the Asia-exclusive collection LES DÉLICES DE CHANEL in February 2013. Later that same year, the first week of June, the entire collection was made available in the United States for all to purchase either on the Saks website (it is exclusive to Saks) or through Then around the end of August / beginning of September the Convoitise eyeshadow was re-promoted with the launch of the JEUX DE REGARDS collection.

It is currently priced at $36.00 USD and it contains .14 oz of product.

This creamy pale gold eyeshadow is gorgeous and will work perfectly for cool or warm toned complexions. It is that versatile. The sheer wash of pure pale gold shimmer can be worn alone or it can be used as a base. It can even be worn on top of any eyeshadow to lend it a bit of shimmer. I didn't experience any creasing and fading was minimal. Also I didn't experience any fallout and the whole application process was effortless and quick.

I own several Chanel illusion d'ombre eyeshadows and I must say this is one to definitely add to your collection. Especially if you are wanting to glam it up at the holiday parties and festivities coming up soon. This eyeshadow would be perfect to wear to those types of events.

Read more about the collection here: COLLECTION LES DÉLICES DE CHANEL

Read more about the collection here: CHANEL JEUX DE REGARDS COLLECTION.

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