Thursday, January 26, 2012


With the Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Rose Gold Shimmer Brick it is all about the shimmer and none of the glitter which unfortunately, is so prevalent in many highlight powders now days. The Rose Gold Shimmer Brick gives a beautiful, healthy all-over glow that radiates warmth and thoughts of the upcoming Spring and Summer months.

I have been asked how does the Rose Gold Shimmer Brick compact compare to the Pink Quartz that is from the Bobbi Brown permanent line. I have to honestly say it doesn’t. The reason is the Rose Gold is just like its name. A range of pinks, yellows, peach-y corals and gold colors blended together in varying intensities, whereas the Pink Quartz features more of the pinks and pinkish-browns. I believe the Rose Gold Shimmer Brick will actually appeal to even more people due to its wider color range and you’ll be hard pressed to find any glitter here, which is a welcome change.

In my opinion, when I look at the compact or the swatches, the first color strip from the top looks like a frosty pink with a hint of yellow luminosity, the second strip a yellow gold, the third strip a pinkish-peach gold (almost a rose gold), the fourth strip a golden peach, and the fifth strip reminds me of a coral peach-y color. Keeping that in mind, when trying to photograph the Rose Gold Shimmer Brick I found significant color variations and intensities so I took multiple photographs in different light settings to try and capture these differences.

I will try and post a review and swatches for the other Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Shimmer Brick in Wild Rose (read my post here) which is from the Rose Gold collection (read more about it here) within the next few days.

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