Thursday, January 26, 2012


This collection includes:

Limited Edition Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold and Wild Rose - $39.00 USD

Rich Color Gloss in Pink Sorbet, Angel Pink, Pink Cocoa and Pink Gold - $23.00 USD

Rich Lip Color in Lilac, Wild Rose, Nude Rose, Pink Peony, Beige Gold and Miami Coral - $23.00 USD

Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Rose Gold - $21.00 USD

Shimmer Lip Gloss in Rose Gold and Pink Sugar - $23.00 USD

Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner in Caviar - $22.00 USD

Face Blender Brush - $45.00 USD

I'm so excited for the new limited edition Bobbi Brown Spring 2012 Rose Gold collection; especially the two new Shimmer Bricks. I currently have two Shimmer Bricks from the permanent collection and I love them. So I will definitely purchase both the Rose Gold (read my review here) and the Wild Rose (read my review here) Shimmer Bricks from this collection.

At this time the collection is available online. I placed my order on the Nordstrom website, but you can just as easily order them on the Bobbi Brown website too. When ordering from Nordstrom, the shipping is free but it does take some time for your packages to be delivered if you select standard shipping. I placed my order on Thursday, January 19th and my packages were delivered on Tuesday, January 24th. I believe the Bobbi Brown website offers free shipping on orders that are over $65 and I think they offer free samples as well.

I would have posted pics and my review by now but I've been sick the past few days so you can expect a review and swatches coming soon once I've gotten over this sickness. In the meantime, I will leave you with a quick pic I took of my Shimmer Bricks.

This was taken straight from the Bobbi Brown website:  For those that want to recreate the Model's look, here is a detailed breakdown of the products that were used.

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