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I am so excited for Spring - it's my favorite season / time of the year. As equaling exciting is the newest collection from Chanel - NOTES DE PRINTEMPS. According to Chanel - "Spring makeup strikes a colourful chord with light, joyful notes. At the heart of the collection, a chorus of fresh, luminous reds sets the season’s tone for cheeks, lips and fingertips." This collection is gorgeous and one of my favorites; of course I say that about almost every collection that Chanel has launched, LOL!

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With each new Chanel collection I immediately check out the eyeshadows and I ask myself: how much sparkle / glitter, what are the colors, what are the finishes, will it work for my skintone...etc. These are typical questions that I'm sure we all have with any new collection no matter the brand. The colors in this quad are a mixture of cool neutrals but with some warmth due to the eyeshadows subtle iridescence. This is an amazing palette of creamy and buttery smooth eyeshadows - (top right) a warm vanilla cream, (top left) a taupe-y purple with slight hints of red, (bottom right) a dark matte brown (it can also be used as a brow color or as an eyeliner), and (bottom left) a warm medium pink with slight hints of peach depending on the lighting / angle. All have a subtle sparkle (micro fine glitter) in the pan but only the top right (the vanilla cream) is it really apparent. The wear time for this quad should be on par with other Chanel quads. I just received mine from Nordstrom yesterday evening so I haven't had time to fully experiment with it but from everything so far this is quite possibly one of the best quads Chanel has released in a while. This definitely makes my "Must Have" / "Back Up" is needed list.

537 QUADRILLE currently retails for $59.00 USD and it contains .24 oz of product. It can be purchased from any major department store: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Belk, Macy's, etc. or online. has had the collection listed on their website for about a week now but it was only within the past two days that it actually became available for purchase. This palette will not appeal to those who crave bright bold eyeshadows but for those like myself who love a good neutral palette, this is an excellent representation of the Chanel brand. It isn't as bold as the Chanel Eclosion quad (check it out here) and the colors are more blend-able as a whole to create a single look than the Chanel Seduction quad (check it out here).

Final Thoughts:
The eyeshadow colors housed within this quad are what I wear everyday. I used to mix six or seven different eyeshadows just to come up with the perfect look but now I don't have too. Chanel has done that for me with just the four colors in this quad. It is amazing! I definitely could spend all day raving about this "Must Have" / "Holy Grail" palette!

As I previously mentioned this palette may not appeal to those who prefer a more bold look but when used in conjunction with the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre cream eyeshadows (see example post here) it will make any look 'POP' and take it to a whole other level of awesomeness! It is important to note Chanel released two new Illusion D'Ombre cream eyeshadows (92 DIAPASON and 93 IMPULSION) with the NOTES DE PRINTEMPS collection which would definitely give you that 'POP' of intensity.

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